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Why we founded Almost Ther8

Episode 1: A New Year, a New YOU

Get to know the Almost Ther8 team as we discuss 5 tips for a better 2021. We chat about what we will bring into the New Year. More importantly, we chat about what we will leave behind in 2020.

Episode 2: Recognition in the Workplace

The Almost Ther8 team discusses recognition in the workplace. The discussion centers around why recognition is important and how it can land you a job. We also discuss the importance of positive feedback and recognition, why asking for feedback is important.

Episode 3: Thank you! You just made my day!

The Almost Ther8 discusses the importance of going for a "no". What does it mean to get a "no"? Why is it so important to not give up. What to do when you get a, or several "no's". And how the team can help you when you get a "no."

Episode 4: Spoiler alert - Sharks!

The Almost Ther8 chat normally talks about issues important to your career. Instead, today we will give you a chance to know us a bit better. We talk about more lighthearted subjects.

Episode 5: Your career path

The Almost Ther8 team discusses career paths. We discuss good ways of how to choose your career path. We discuss why you should choose to be on a path. We also discuss how you know you are on a good path.

Episode 6: When you outperform your team

The Almost Ther8 team discusses what it means to outperform your team. We give you ways for you to know how you are outperforming. We then discuss what to do when you are outperforming you team and how to help your team do more.

Episode 7: The right time to move on

The Almost Ther8 team discusses moving on. When is the right time to move on? Why you may not want to move on and then how you know the timing of each.

Episode 8: Its time to leave

The Almost Ther8 team discusses what to do when made the decision to leave. How should you act? Are there new things you need to do? Most importantly, what you should not do.

Episode 9: Finding New Opportunities

Today the Almost Ther8 team is discussing hunting in the wild! We take you through the journey about finding the right opportunities. We touch on the importance of maintaining and building relationships. We also discuss why these relationships are important for roles both inside your current company and when searching outside your office walls. We give guidance on tools for finding new roles and how to learn about potential new companies. Finally, learn how to stand out when you are speaking to recruiters.

Episode 10: The tell tale signs & how to avoid them

Today the Almost Ther8 team talks about the tension between working on making your job efficient and doing the actual work of your role. We call this the difference between operating and improving. We talk about ways of making your work more important as well as give tips on achieving the right balance. We get into the dangers of only doing and never improving and that even small actions can have huge impacts over time.

Episode 11: The role of recovery & rejuvenation in your performance

What do you need to do to keep the engine a well-oiled machine? Today we speak about recovery and rejuvenation. What is the difference between the two and when you need both. Getting proper rest is key to performing your best. Sometimes simple recovery is not enough and you need a longer foray into the realm of revival. We speak about what this means to us and why it is different for everyone.

Episode 12: What it takes to drive successful change

Today the Almost Ther8 team speaks on how to train elephants. How do you get a hulking, emotional beast to move in the direction you want. This is of course reference to our first book review about the book, Switch. We give some points from the book as well as our recommendation on whether you should read it. We also look at how you can apply this to your everyday.

Episode 13: 3 tips to best optimize your environment

Today we are working with our dogs. We discuss how we keep it professional and train our furry companions how to behave in an office environment. Sure, we all have occasional Amazon packages and requests for pets during crucial meetings. However, there are ways you can minimize and eliminate these distractions and train your dog, or dogs, to behave in the office. We talk about how to plan meetings, how to keep your pets comfortable, and give tips on package deliveries.