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We are a team of three very unique and professional individuals with a vast background in the corporate world looking to help you through the day to day challenges of your career. We aren't your typical career coaches. We are out there, just like you, trying to get ahead and overcome the obstacles at work. We have hands on experience in the challenges you are facing and can work with you to help overcome them.

Scott Meyers

Finance and Business Acumen

Scott brings Finance and Strategy to the Almost Ther8 team. He has over 17 years in his field and has worked in different geographic and company cultures. He wants to help others benefit from his experience and miss roadblocks in their career so they can move faster with less mistakes. He can't wait to help you "talk numbers" and avoid obstacles while performing to your potential.

Scott Meyers | LinkedIn

Maria Celis

Transformation and Leadership

Maria is known for her creative ways to motivate and transform organizations. She is a passionate leader and loves developing others. She has an impressive ability to quickly evaluate a situation and know what steps to take with a clear view of the bigger picture. Maria brings 12 years of experience in multiple roles across an organization and has led teams of multiple sizes. She hopes to see how her experience and passion will help you accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Maria Celis | LinkedIn

Carolyne Gagnon

Operations and Efficiency

Carolyne loves efficiencies and hates the beaten path. Constantly looking for new adventures and learning opportunities she has found herself in a lot of difficult situations with regards to her career. Constantly challenging the status quo and disturbing the way its always been. There is no problem without a solution. She has three dogs and cant wait to meet you.

Carolyne Gagnon | LinkedIn

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